#mummyneedsgin – A film based on the tweets of @40elephantsmob, an anonymous single mother in London. Animated and directed by Monika Forsberg. Music composed by Alex D. Hay.

#mummyneedsgin was shown on Channel 4 as part of the Random Acts series in April 2013, and was featured in the Bar Shorts Comedy Special at Rich Mix London as part of LOCO – The London Comedy Film Festival.


Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer – Re-scored trailer for the latest installment in the popular sci-fi horror series. Bombastic, epic action meets nostalgia and vulnerability.

(Thanks to fellow YouTuber for stripping the original music and adding his own foley, which you hear here.)


Stork – Dark instrumental hip-hop for promo for fashion designer Katie Eary, directed by Northbrook college fashion students.


Catch Me If You Can – Henry Mancini-style big band re-scoring of the opening titles to Steven Spielberg’s 2002 comedy drama. Based on a melody by David Cash and featuring live horns courtesy of The Meow Meows.


Super You – Philip-Glass-by -way-of-Yann-Tiersen piano accompaniment to a short feature by local filmmakers, depicting the less glamorous daily existence of a superhero’s other half.


Straight To The King – Backing music and a “sting” for poker journalist Rob King’s online video news series. Instrumental hip-hop referencing old school Beastie Boys, and the Ocean’s 11 soundtrack by David Holmes.